Stronger, defined abs with no sit-ups  If you are not 100% satisfied, just send Contour back within 30 days. 
Sit-ups and Crunches Are Now Obsolete!
Let Contour Do The Work!
✓ Combines 5 Ab Exercises In One
✓ Relax or Do Other Activities
✓ No More Getting On the Floor
✓ Works With Any Fitness Level or Program
 Proven EMS Technology is Safe & Effective
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
See Results Without Even Getting Into Workout Clothes
The Contour Core Sculpting System is the complete 360° solution designed to help you tone and strengthen your abs. And with the addition of the Contour Fat Burner, 
you can lose weight and inches, too!
Contour's Auto-Active Muscle Toning Technology strengthens and tones all of your abdominal muscles at the same time.
With the addition of Contour Fat Burner, you can burn calories and fat, revealing a slimmer physique!
Forget strenuous crunches and sit-ups! Stay off the floor and let the Contour Ab Belt do the work for you.

How Does The Contour Core Sculpting System Work?
The Contour Core Sculpting System II is safe, effective and simple to use. Why struggle with strenuous crunches and sit-ups that require perfect form, when you can have the Contour System do the work for you! 

Here’s how it works:
A. The Contour Core Sculpting System works a lot like your brain. The Contour digital controller produces smooth electrical impulses that travel from the control unit, through the medical-grade Gel Pads to the nerves that control your abdominal muscles’ natural contraction and relaxation process.

B. Muscles cannot tell the difference between a voluntary contraction (triggered by the brain) and an electrically induced contraction: the work carried out is exactly the same. So you get a perfect contraction without having to worry about having proper situp or crunch form. This is of particular importance for individuals who have issues getting down on the floor due to knee or back injuries.

C. Contour's Auto-Active Muscle Toning Technology automatically targets and contracts all of your abdominal muscles. In fact, Contour is like doing 5 exercises at once - a standard crunch for your upper abs, elbow to knee bends for your right and left obliques, trunk twists for the love-handles, and leg raises for the lower abs, which is perfect for ladies with that lower pooch. 

The Contour Ab Belt is FDA cleared for strengthening and toning abdominal muscles. Just one 30-minute session gives you up to 199 perfect contractions - without even getting into workout clothes!  

Real People, Real Results
The Contour Core System is perfect for individuals who have been advised to strengthen their back, but yet have trouble getting on the floor to do traditional situps or crunches. The #1 cause of chronic back pain is a WEAK CORE. Contour does the work for you, while you get the results. 

The Contour Core Sculpting System gives you a complete, 360 degree core workout. By using the Contour Ab Belt and the Contour Back Belt, you achieve maximum fitness efficiency with less effort. Now you can tone and strengthen your upper and lower abs, your obliques and your back, all in one easy process.

Contour is like doing five different ab one time! 

- Standard crunch for upper abs

- Elbow to knee crunch for right oblique’s

- Elbow to knee crunch for left oblique’s

Trunk twists for love handles

- Leg raises for lower abs

Workout anytime, anywhere – at your desk, on the couch or while running errands. And stop worrying about the stress and strain of doing hundreds of back-breaking crunches or sit-ups.


Watch the Contour Out of Box Experience & Set Up Video! 
The Contour Core Sculpting System Guarantee
It's simple. Stronger, more defined abs. If you don't notice a change in the strength or appearance of your abs during your 30-day trial period, simply send it back for a refund. We'll even let you keep the Free Gifts!

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You Have Nothing to Lose, and Only GREAT ABS to Gain!
This Exclusive Online
 Offer Includes:
✓ Handheld Controller 
✓ 26 Preset Digital Workouts 
✓ Ab Belt 
✓ 4-gel pads 
 ✓ 4-AAA batteries 
✓ Use and Care Manual 
✓ One Year Warranty
Plus these Bonus Items,
 a $50 Value! 
 ✓ Ab Flattening Food List 
✓ 30-Day Supply of FAT BURNER 
✓ Storage/Travel Case